Hardiesmill Ethical Scotch Beef          Grass reared all the way!

With a great wine, it's all about "Le Terroir". It's the same for beef. Three things affect the flavour of beef: breeding, feeding and handling. Get the balance right, so that the breed is able to thrive in a terrain/environment to which it is suited, where animal husbandry is caring without being invasive, and the great beef connoisseurs will be able to identify your product ahead of all others.





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the best meat in the world is at Hardiesmill Aberdeen Angus Beef, no comparison, no doubt, no equivalent.'Hardiesmill best steaks in the world'."
   'Steak (R)evolution' by Franck Ribiere & Verane Frediani, film 2014, book 2015.


"That steak as outstanding - fabulous, a eureka moment, an Aberdeen Angus tour-de-force. It was tender, juicy - both initial and sustained - and hugely flavourful, a flavour that was smoky at first, then resonantly beefy, bursting with juice on each chew. there were other notes present, perhaps hundreds, but I was two excited to pick them out...it rendered me near speachless.."  'Steak' by Mark Schatzker, Viking press 2010.




Consistency is king when you're providing the highest quality beef  and beef products (haggis, beef sausages, pastramis & cured meats etc). All aspects of breeding, feeding, habitat, slaughter and processing are monitored and fine tuned in order to produce beef which our customers are proud to serve at their tables.


Our strength is both in the "terrroir" and the  team work: we work with a small team within the supply chain, all Scotch Quality Meats approved, and a select number of customers, primarily trade, as supply is unfortunately limited. We all have the same aim: to produce the best possible eating experience we can. After all, in the three years from conception to consumption, no one part of the process (hauliers, farmers, butchers, chefs, front-of-house etc) can make good beef - but anyone can ruin it!

We are Scotch assured farmers and  butchers. Not surprisingly we are also foodies. We run approximately 130 pedigree Aberdeen Angus cows (300 head of cattle) on 480 acres (200 Hectares) at Hardiesmill, all in the traditional way - on grass in the summer and on hay, silage and straw in the winter. The grass is a mixture of old (around an ice-age loch) and new top-of-the-range mixtures of diploid and tetraploid grasses with clover and other flora. No concentrates, no preservatives, no steroids, no unnecessary antibiotics - hence a unique eating experience, deep in flavour, low in calories and saturated fat but high in protein and Omega 3 + 6

Hardiesmill Cattle

The Hardiesmill Aberdeen Angus herd was established in 2001, on the back of the last of the familly's Thornton lines (founded in 1949).  We've bred our cattle to perform on their mother's milk and grass, without the need for high protein cerials etc.. We can comfortably say it produces an eating experience unlike any other!


If you would like to enquire about our beef, please do give us a ring.

+44 (0)1573 410797 or email mail@hardiesmill.co.uk.

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