Hardiesmill Ethical Scotch Beef    -           Ten points to tell you about Hardiesmill:


  1. Hardiesmill Ethical Scotch Beef  means what it says. Hardiesmill beef cattle will live all their lives on the farm.  No buying in, as it never tastes the same.  Franck & Verane Ribiere, of Steak         (R)evloution, described Hardiesmill Steaks some of the most distinctive steaks in the world, but there's limited supply as the farm is only 200 Ha - that's why Hardiesmill is trademarked.
  2. We raise our cattle sustainably  They eat species-rich grass, grass-sileage and hay (no hormones, no steroids, no pesticides, no grain) in the most relaxed atmosphere - how an animal is raised, how it is fed has an enormous impact on the quality and taste of the beef. See The Farm
  3. Zero Food Miles. Hardiesmill cattle are now all born, reared and slaughtered on the farm in our own dedicated EC-approved abattoir. It's hung here and butchered on farm too, so the only food miles are between the farm and you.
  4. Welfare.  High welfare and happy cattle aren't strap-lines, they're farming necessities. The farm is proud to be Quality Meat Scotland (Scotch  Beef) approved. This means we have an on farm SSPCA (Scottish Society of the Provention of Cruelty to Animals) inspection once a year and have to farm to high welfare standards. The abattoir is Food Standards Scotland approved and a vet is on site for every time it's used . As we said, high welfare and happy cattle aren't strap-lines, at Hardiesmill they're at our core. See The Farm
  5. Terroir  - a term used in the wine trade, but equally applicable to beef. The land, the weather, the water, the flora and fauna in the grass on Hardiesmill all contribute to the impact of the beef on the palate, giving a long, lingering taste of beef on the teeth, cheeks and tongue, with a rich minerality around the tonsils.
  6. Consistency. In our experience, consistency comes from three things: Breed, Feed & Handling. Just like grapes, every beef breed has its own flavour, and hence so does every cross-breed. Consequently we only have pure-bred Aberdeen-Angus Cattle. Most people know that Aberdeen Angus is a Scottish breed of cattle renowned for its beef quality, but few appreciate that almost all Aberdeen Angus beef on sale is only sired by an Aberdeen Angus Bull, it's mum can be any breed or cross-breed.
  7. Grass-Rearing cattle throughout their lives changes the nutritional benefits of the beef. It's high in minerals, iron, protien, and vitamin B12. It's proportionally high and naturally balanced in Omega 3 & 6, but 33-50% lower in saturated fats, and therefore calories, compared to non-grass reared beef. See Nutritional Information
  8. 16 Steaks cut from a carcass. We try to use the entire carcass in the best possible way, even if it means ripping up the rule book. We look to match a steak to your preference, whether it's "taste over tenderness" or "tenderness over taste"; for "blue" to "rare" or more towards "well done". From bullet Steak to Bavette, we have a steak to fit every palate, whilst looking to maximise the yield from a carcass and minimise waste.  See Beef Glossary
  9. Hardiesmill have been trendsetters right from the moment we started using grass only in the production of our beef in 2004, bringing seam-cutting and textured steaks into Scotland and building the first on-farm cattle abbattoir to be EC approved in the the UK for 25 years.
  10. Hardiesmill is considered one of the top 5 beef brands in the world >>>

<< Out of the official Top 10 of ‪#‎beststeak‬ ‪#‎beststeakhouses‬
the best meat in the world is at Hardiesmill Aberdeen Angus Beef, no comparison, no doubt, no equivalent.'Hardiesmill best steaks in the world'."
   'Steak (R)evolution' by Franck Ribiere & Verane Frediani, film 2014, book 2015.


"That steak was outstanding - fabulous, a eureka moment, an Aberdeen Angus tour-de-force. It was tender, juicy - both initial and sustained - and hugely flavourful, a flavour that was smoky at first, then resonantly beefy, bursting with juice on each chew. there were other notes present, perhaps hundreds, but I was two excited to pick them out...it rendered me near speachless.."  'Steak' by Mark Schatzker, Viking press 2010.




Hardiesmill Cattle

The Hardiesmill Aberdeen Angus herd was established in 2001, on the back of the last of the familly's Thornton lines (founded in 1949).  We've bred our cattle to perform on their mother's milk and grass, without the need for high protein cerials etc.. We can comfortably say it produces an eating experience unlike any other!


If you would like to enquire about our beef, please do give us a ring.

+44 (0)1573 410797 or email mail@hardiesmill.co.uk.

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