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Open Monday-Fridays 8.30 am until about 4.00 pm.  If you are looking for a special piece of beef, please do give us a ring before coming, and making sure that we have it. 

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Hardiesmill Beef                   Recipes and Ideas

Beef is such a wonderfully versatile thing to use in cooking, but it's easy to let costs run away. It doesn't need to be expensive, the secret is knowing which cuts work best for which dishes in order to get the best possible eating experience for the lowest possible cost.  No surprise then to see some of the best chefs in the world using some of the cheapest cuts to produce exquisite food. Why use fillet in a casserole when shin is tastier and costs 75% less?  It is our hope, in time, to use this website to show how this can be done, and in the simplest way possible. In the meantime we have tried to answer the four most frequently asked cooking questions:


1. How to cook a steak

2. How to cook a roast

3. How to cook Beef Wellington

4. How to cook Beef Stroganof


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