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A family firm, run by Robin and Alison Tuke with a small dedicated team. 

Hardiesmill is a mixed farm comprising of  482 acres.  Although mainly grass we have a few crops.  Having purchased and moved to Hardiesmill in 2001.


The land gently rises from 450 feet to 620 feet above sea level, whilst the soil comprises of a medium to light loam. Approximately  28.6 acres are woodland, buildings and roads, 150 acres are arable and 305 is in grass for the cattle. We have been experimenting with different grass varieties in order to extend both the growing season and the resilience to the variations in the weather. All are high in clover to increase protein and reduce fertiliser requirements. We also retain our grass for longer lays to increase its mineral percentage and goodness, which is paying dividends.  Meanwhile we use the straw from the arable for winter bedding for the cattle when we bring them in. The crop is sold (hopefully) for pearling, malting and milling. One field is always ploughed as late as possible to let the birds and wildlife enjoy it.


250 head of cattle are brought indoors to save the ground in the winter and then go back out to grass in the Spring. The herd is split between Autumn and Spring Calvers. 

The Calves are weaned when they reach 7 months old. However they’re kept in the next door court to their mums for a few weeks in order to keep stress to a minimum. Once weaned and eating well, the youngstock are grassed on Sweethope Farm for a year and return to



Hardiesmill is run by a small team. 




Robin Tuke

Phone: +44 157 1573410797

E-mail: robin.tuke@hardiesmill.co.uk

Alison Tuke

Jack of all trades!


Our in house Butcher - Brian Grieve with the Hardiesmill Beef Haggis.

Bruce Taylor - 

Jake Fairley - All things Hardiesmill.
The next generation
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